Double fan cutter thresher with front fan

Multicrop Double Fan Cutter Threshers,

Product Details:

Approx. Price: Rs 2.50 Lakh / Piece

Minimum Order Quantity:- 1 Piece


Model:- Double fan cutter thresher with front fan (Hadamba)

Operation:– TRACTOR

Tractor Power:-

45 HP minimum is to operate 25 Quintal coverning area 6000x1500x1550 mm.


Machine Head – 325x 362mm. Drum – 800x 1125mm. Double Fan

Double:-35 HP with overall weight machine is 26 Quintal. for Wheat, Mustard, Millet, Barley, Pigeon pea, Gram, bean, Kidney Bean, Peas 98% cleaning efficiency. Output thresher is 24 Quintal hour.

Used for Crops:-

Best for Wheat, Mustard, Sorghum, Barley, Pigeon pea, Soya bean, Kidney Bean.


Output- 20-24 Quintals Per. Crop Threshed – 99%. Cleaning – 98%. Breakage – 1%

• Durable and Long Lasting
• Easily operated, low load on tractor during operation.
• Machine suitable for threshing of wheat, barley, mustered, millet, gram, soya been and pulses etc.
• Saving fuel & time.
• Extra clarity of grain.
• Cutting fodder uniformly.
• 25% more efficient than other company machines.
• More production in less time.

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