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Preet Agro

are the most makers and providers of nature of Agricultural Threshers. was set up in the 1993 by Great Lakhvinder Singh. We have extremely dedicated and we have additionally high acknowledgment and notoriety Punjab district and whole of India. So our is to convey the administrations, quality items and the time conveyance Preet Agro has strived for uncommon quality, imaginative outlines and reliability in its actualizes. This has made the organization very much regarded and perceived inside the farming business of Rajasthan, and also past its fringes. A continuous innovative work guarantees that Preet Agro items stay at the bleeding edge of current innovation, both in new item outline and in the improvement of existing models. Fulfilling the hardware needs of little and in addition medium scale ranchers.

A family-run business, Preet Agro is without a doubt a main authority with regards to agrarian and cultivating gear. Its complete scope of value agrarian hardware keeps on demonstrating its unwavering quality, viability and usefulness a seemingly endless amount of time.

With years of ability, an energy for the horticultural business and a guarantee to assembling unrivaled executes, Dashmesh Industries is the response to all your cultivating and rural gear needs..


Preet Agro. . is the FIRST MANUFACTURERS INDIA and furthermore most driving horticulture producer in India. Our is set up at Ramgarh in Distt. Alwar (Rajasthan). quality items enlights our name in national and advertise and furthermore known superior, effectiveness and working. We have an of qualified and gifted specialists and professionals fabricate a wide range of ,Thressar machine, Cultivator, Leveler, Tractor Trollies . We have merchants in and in whole of India like Haryana, and  Rajasthan, Madhya , Orissa, Chatisgarh, Bihar, so on.


Why Choose Us.


  1. We are first Manufacturer of Threshers in India and We give better nature of Threshers than every one of Our Customers.


2.Our advancement innovativeness and commitment have turned out to be a majors resources therefore constrain us to produces stunningly better Products.


3.Constantly we refresh our everything items as per the Latest pattern which takes puts in our Company.


4.We utilize Latest innovation Machinery which incorporates.


  1. C.N.C Plasma Cutting


  1. C.N.C


  1. Strip


  1. Programmed Bending Machine


  1. Reasons that separate Preet Agro from others…


  1. Great Services to Customers.


  1. Quality Control


  1. Top notch Standard Products.


  1. Flawless and Clean


  1. Coordinating with Latest Trend.


  1. Conveyance on Time.


  1. Great framework.
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